An electrical component that allows electricity to flow only one way. Used in the rectifier bridge of an alternator. Also used as L.E.D. (light emitting diode) lights.
Dumbass: "The guys at the parts store tested my alternator and said that the diodes are bad. How much to replace them?"

Guy at alternator rebuilders shop: "Those rank amatures don't know what they're talking about, and neither do you, you dumb ass."
by wanna-be-Rossi September 21, 2005
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An individual whose reaction to alcoholic stimuli worsens dramatically and often inexplicably at a certain level of alcohol intake.
"What a fucking diode, he was fine ten minutes ago."
by chenghis khan January 15, 2007
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a feeling induced by "l.s.d" that would make one feel like he/she is inside a L.E.D(light omiting diode) with the light around them at all times, exposed to this may make the above
ahhhh!! i cant take it......oh shit im on a planet,,,earth people...damn im like all dioded..........everybody is "gear" fresh mushroom like dudes
by crimson October 14, 2003
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double income one dog. it's like DINK 2.0.
Are you still living the DINK life M? No I'm DIODing now.
by looseshitssinkships February 5, 2019
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Verb of the noun 'Diode'
1. Constructed so that charge may flow in one direction and not the other.
2. Constructed so that any specific thing may flow only in one direction and not the other.
1. "We have dioded the circuit to protect against dangerous shocks."
2. "He's got a dioded gullet, mate, beer goes in the top, piss comes out the bottom, he never chunders"
by Joey the Wonton April 14, 2019
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The best band in the whole world! they are a hardcore synth band from Cali! The include Danny Heat, Brian Shame, Jon, and Gabe. check em out! :)
by Anonymous November 4, 2003
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