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You will never meet a more amazing person after you meet a Tomasz. Most, will become pilots. They will be handsome and charming. Always wanting to be compassionate and loving towards you. They are very dedicated while in a relationship and will stick around no matter how many things they have to put up with. They always have a life dream and will do anything to pursue it. You will never meet a more incredible person. xx
Steven: "Hey you want to go to a strip club tonight?"
Tomasz: "No thanks bro, I think I'm going to have a night at home with my girlfriend instead, she has had a long week at work.."
by girlsgonewild-xo April 08, 2013
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A kick ass bro, he'll do anything for anyone, everybody loves him and is the life of the party. Smooth with the ladies and can hold his liquor like a god. Tomasz has one best friend and another try-hard. Guys want him, Ladies want to be with him, everybody else just wants his large hog in and around their mouths.
Brenden: I'd bang Tomasz.
Simon: Yeah we all know.
Brenden: I'd do terrible shit to him, I would wreck that body.
Simon: O.o
by WORDLORD12132134 January 25, 2012
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