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Often doesn't have it's own definition. Only when placed with other words it really has a meaning

1. No diggity = no doubt, for sure

2. Bomb diggity = great, awesome, the best, etc
1. "I like the way you work it. No Diggity! I got to bag it up."
(from song "No Diggity" by Blackstreet)

2. "Hey, did you get that new album yet? It's the bomb diggity!"
by MLE January 05, 2004
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1. A modifier creating a new phrase or word, generally a positive. (Usually associated with the word "bomb")

2. A suffix used to imply diggitiness or diggiliciousness of a word

3. Suffix used with the word "no" creating the phrase "no-diggity".
1. "That shit is the bomb-diggity": Meaning, that the shit in question is indeed "the bomb" to the highest power of diggiliciousness.

2. "No-diggity": Meaning "without a doubt" or "unquestionabally true"
by The Sheriff March 17, 2005
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1. Coined by the group blackstreet "no-diggity" (meaning no doubt or without a doubt) and now used as a modifier to affirm the awesomeness of the attached word.

2. When attached to a name "diggity" can also affirm the awesomeness of that person.

guy #1 Did you hear Rossy slept with the bartender last night?

Guy #2 Get the fuck outta here! Fuckin Rossdiggity.
by Jumpin Jonnys June 23, 2006
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Affirmation of coolness or appropriateness. Suffix in "bomb-diggity", which only emphasizes the definition of "bomb".
1. "I'm going to hand you several shiny gifts." -- "Diggity."
2. "Admit it, I'm the bomb-diggity."
by JoeytheNifty November 05, 2003
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Diggity, as a word of its own, has little or no commonly accepted meaning.

A)It may used as a substitute for any number of slang words or terms, such as "doubt" in the phrase "no doubt" (ie. no diggity).

B)As rhyming slang, it is put before any word beginning with a D to accent it, such as "diggity dank."

Often associated with the word "bomb," diggity can be preceeded with bomb to add emphasis.
A)We hittin' da clubs tonight?
No diggity!

B)Yo, my boy was flossin' two Os o' dat bomb diggity dank, and two G's from the block jacked his shit.
by U-Man, MA August 28, 2008
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adj. used to describe the greatness of an item, event or substance
often in reference to extremely potent marijuana or "diggity dank," although it may stand alone in reference to potent marijuana
1. this bud is the fuckin diggity dude.
2. lets get a bag of that diggity dank.
3. man that band is the bomb-diggity (outdated usage), -hearing this usage of "diggity" should prompt a swift backhand to the face of the user-
by Sugar J January 04, 2006
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A position in the Counter-Strike map de_inferno, located to the left of so called 'mid', as seen from the CT point of view. Located outside the 'house', behind the window room. Marked by a veranda and pillars in Counter-Strike: Source.
"I'll hold diggity"
"3 rushing diggity to B" (Counter-strike: Source B)
by Matt Iversen April 08, 2008
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