Marijuana that is high enough quality, that it surpasses "dank"; shown with the prefix,"diggity".
by silverfucked July 07, 2003
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A variety of leaves and flowering buds of the cannabis plant; renowned for its high THC potency and extremely sticky resinous character.
This stickity ickity diggity dank has made my fingers so adhesive I can barely pack the bowl.
by Knotty V December 20, 2004
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Word to describe very potent weed. Dank Diggity is the absolute best marijuana you can smoke. It is usually rare to find unless you know a grower.
Shit man, this weed is the dank diggity. I have only taken one hit and I am fucked up as a nig. I need to back my black ass up off this blunt for a while. WHOO WEEEEEE
by Nick T Schroeder April 08, 2006
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