noun. Singular form of dice.
Go ahead and roll the die. You loose the bet, you're gonna die.
by FuzzyDice March 11, 2008
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To be fed up and want the situation to end...
Teacher: Hey buddy you aint done your homework
Me: Die
by matthew cunningham January 14, 2007
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Person one: Oh hey, is that Joaquin?
Joaquin: Die.
Person one: *Dies*
by LiberalDestroyer6969 April 02, 2019
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A german word meaning "The" for feminine and plural nouns in the nominative case . Pronoinced as (di:), not (dai) as said by many Americans.
Die Hunde sind große.
by Gebirgsjäger August 19, 2009
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1. It is to no longer be alive.

2. When you die in a game, you may lose exp, gold, or other things in your inventory.

3. To die someone. Only applies to tanks in the game. When killing a boss, and the tank dies, the rest of the party dies along with him because they have no tank, the boss's 'uber awesome aoe' and kills you all.

1. I think MJ died o.o' last night...

2. Um... sorry i died, gotta res!! T^T was like...0.1% till lvl !! wtf!!!

3. DAMMIT!! stupid tank died us >_>"" We're not having that guy as tank next time ! and we need more healers! Dude, buy more pots! Stop dying us !
by Coolerthanyourmom September 03, 2009
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Shakespearian slang for having an orgasm.
(ie): In French, modern slang for orgasm (or to die) is "le petite mur" meaning "little death."
by jprbtmhj] November 06, 2010
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An abbreviation for "dumbest idea ever" used as a reply to mock an idea that's idiotic, lame, or half assed.
Troll: If I don't go to court, I don't have to pay the fine! :D

User: yeah right dipshit... d.i.e.

Troll: NO, you die!

User: d.i.e. means "dumbest idea ever" such as you not handling your biz you noob
by aliaz October 06, 2012
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