The act of smoking some reefer that is so dank, you pass the fuck out. You're probably going to puke your stomach out, your face is most likely going to fall off, and you probably met some aliens in the process or some shit.
Dude, I lit up with some friends the other day, and I fucking died. Puked twice, walked home, and puked two more times. I then walked back to my friends house because I left my fucking face there. Holy shit.
by JakAttak May 26, 2009
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To shamble into the gray frontier at the end of life. Many people grow old and long to take that gentle exodus. They have become their own curator and no longer want the obligation of life.

If you don't feel this way, you can take prophylactic steps by consulting your nearest shaman. The most reliable of these live in baobab trees.

Note: I grow old, I grow old. I will wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.
I want to die on a balcony overlooking a beach. I will be pushed out in a wheelchair, my head slowly bobbing to a halt. My hair will be cutting the wind, falling like a Chinese kite without air.
by Nude Fontanelle February 06, 2009
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TO come to orgasm. The victorians related death with orgasms and called them "miniture deaths"
I felt like I was gonna die.
by babs January 17, 2003
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Either to stop living because of natural causes or because of a smelly person's SMELL.
Me: OH MY GOD! I just realized I am going to be line leader next week.
Friend: You are going to die.
by tilatequilafan December 15, 2007
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