One who implies sexual manipulation of the reproductive organs and/or gratification thereby, with no intention of granting the aforementioned.
Michele, the Mormon with very ample breasteses, sat on my lap and laughed at my stupid jokes, giving the impression of impending sexual interaction. Unfortunately, this was a misconception, and I ambled awkwardly off the premises attempting to conceal my titanic, raging "chubby." What a dicktease...
by Miketroy June 14, 2008
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A girl (usually hot) that teases a man pretending she will do something sexual with him, then does not follow through
'She said she'd have sex with me, but she didn't follow through, what a dicktease'
by DefinitionMe July 20, 2004
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a gurl who gets a guy hard and doesnt do anything with him
monica is a dicktease
by sexy, hottie March 6, 2005
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A girl who teases the genital region of a male to the point of a rock hard erection with absolutely no intention of following through, often resulting in "blue balls"; May also constitute a quick "dick-squeeze" "dick rub" or "dick touch" NOT resulting in ejaculation.
Ken: "Lydia kept grabbin my nuts nuts last night..."
Jim: "Did you get off"
Ken: "No, fuckin bitch was a dicktease"
by Drew Haag May 19, 2007
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A girl that tends to flirt with every possible guy around, like to get them to think she likes them but yet in the end shes next to another guy tommorow.
Erin from 8th floor Scranton Hall in IUP is a dicktease, she has been seen with countless guys around the campus flirting with them !
by appolus-radio September 19, 2007
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those young hot skanky chicks that dress up like sluts and hang off every guy in the club bumming free drinks all night pretending that they're going to sleep with the guy
sally: "wow, i only spent $3.50 tonight!"

tamara: "yeh! that's 'cos you're a dicktease, skank!"
by trunkman27 July 5, 2005
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one (usually female) who leads another (usually male) on for sex, but then not giving it
That bitch Kathy led me to believe she would have sex with me. What a dicktease.
by Anonymous April 8, 2003
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