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One who implies sexual manipulation of the reproductive organs and/or gratification thereby, with no intention of granting the aforementioned.
Michele, the Mormon with very ample breasteses, sat on my lap and laughed at my stupid jokes, giving the impression of impending sexual interaction. Unfortunately, this was a misconception, and I ambled awkwardly off the premises attempting to conceal my titanic, raging "chubby." What a dicktease...
by Miketroy June 13, 2008
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A girl (usually hot) that teases a man pretending she will do something sexual with him, then does not follow through
'She said she'd have sex with me, but she didn't follow through, what a dicktease'
by DefinitionMe July 20, 2004
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Someone who flirts and gets off with lads, but doesn't actually shag them i.e. leads them on!
a 16 yr old bitch, that knows shes fit, and abuses it.
by Adam April 07, 2004
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a girl who looks pretty good and flirts with a bunch of guys but doesn't actually like them or want to have anything to do with 'em; leads people on

ex1. lifeguard who'll let you put your feet in the pool but won't let you jump in.

ex2. forest ranger who give matches to a pyro and tells 'em not to burn the forest down.
Hey look at that girl. She's such a dick tease, kinda reminds me of that jennifer miles girl who likes chicks.
by Cricket September 13, 2004
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a gurl who gets a guy hard and doesnt do anything with him
monica is a dicktease
by sexy, hottie March 05, 2005
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A girl who teases the genital region of a male to the point of a rock hard erection with absolutely no intention of following through, often resulting in "blue balls"; May also constitute a quick "dick-squeeze" "dick rub" or "dick touch" NOT resulting in ejaculation.
Ken: "Lydia kept grabbin my nuts nuts last night..."
Jim: "Did you get off"
Ken: "No, fuckin bitch was a dicktease"
by Drew Haag May 18, 2007
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To tease someone ever so tantalizingly, like when you lead a girl on by flirting with her often and never do anything with her. Or it can be even more extreme, such as if you've eaten a girl out for over an hour now and she's ready for the dick, but right as you're 20% of the way in, you pull out and walk out of the room.
After downloading LoL (League of Legends) for over five hours now, it says to launch the game. But right after you click play if updates for three more hours. What a fucking dick tease

She always acts so innuendous, but always turns out be just pulling a dick tease.
by Eat a bag of dicks October 07, 2012
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