refer to cock smack To smack someone, preferably a female, with your dick against their face.
This chick was acting up, and frontin on some brains, so i dick smacked her.
by Diddy August 14, 2004
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A mean and inconsiderate person that has no respect for you.
(After Jim hits Kevin)
FUCK jim! Your the biggest dick smack I've ever met in my life.
by The one April 16, 2003
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(1)(verb) To smack someone with your dick (correct style dictates a sharp thump on the forehead, lips, or if burning with jizz- the eye)- done to illustrate dominance and the dicksmackee's position of submission or subjugation.

(2)(noun) That which is left after masterbation... limp dick and a palm full of goo.

(3)(noun) One who has the same general worthlessness or usefulness as a lifeless penis combined with a dying mass of spent jizz.
"Hey dick smack, get off the couch and get your shit out of the washer."

"I loved that girl, she always appreciated a good old fashioned dick smacking. I can't say she really truly loved it, but she damn well respected it."
by Captclam August 25, 2006
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Person who submits an entry to UD that:
a)is an inside joke
b)is about how big their penis is
c)states how much they hate someone they go to school with
d)states how gay someone is
e)states how much of a slut/whore/bitch/skank ect. someone is
f)states how "hot!!" the guys in Good Charlotte are
There I was minding my own business, doing some editing and BAM!! I was bombarded with shit entries from numerous dick smacks!
Man, there I was on UD.com last night when I read several definitions submitted by dick smacks that SOMEHOW got posted!
by madaine May 05, 2005
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n: A common name usually substituted for buddy or bud or pal.
adj: Used to describe someone running their mouth and no one really cares what they have to say.
n: "Hey dicksmack! How was the workout?"
adj: "Stop being such a dicksmack Ben, I dont want to hear about the girlfriend."
by Matt Pusheck November 30, 2006
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