It is the retarded and incorrect way of spelling "In Fact". It is a common misconception like "alot".
Friend 1: Hey mate you here about that new iPhone?
Friend 2: Yea the iPhone 5?
Friend 1: Yea the fifth in series.
Friend 2: Well you may think it is the iPhone 5 but infact it is actually the sixth in the series.
Friend 1: Yea well... Fuck you that's what.
Friend 2: Owned.
by Its Mackey November 15, 2012
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Sir, you have an infaction in your computer
by Scam Buster April 3, 2017
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a term for the hoyoverse game "genshin impact" used by people who dislike the game. term was made from the terms sounding similar to the words "Gay Shit, In Fact", also a term to refer to media or an action seemingly gay, or gay sounding. Also a variation of the term "Genshit".
person A " dude some virgin was playing genshin in class today"
person B "thats some gay shit"
person A "Gayshit Infact."
by alternativeaster May 12, 2023
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