Like cash-in-hand, you are paid with sexual favors, rather than money.
Matt: Hey man, I just got paid.
Craig: Hey, i'll come with you to get the money out.
Matt: Na, it's already happened. My boss is hot, she pays me dick-in-hand! BOOYA!!!
by G0T_M34T July 29, 2007
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Metaphorical (and/or literal) penises in place of hands.
(watching football) That's his third drop today! That dude has dicks for hands!
by Boone Jensen January 13, 2018
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Not knowing what the fuck to do in any given situation.
He's shit at this game. It's like he is walking around with his dick in hand.
by Limpy1732 October 19, 2017
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The state which men enter when they are horny and all the blood in thier body surges to thier member which renders men certifiably stupid. Inevitably allowing them to make regretable decisions due to the lack of blood flow to the brain (crainium not member!)
This guy i met last week wont stop texting me.I should have never sent him that pic because he clearly has DHS-Dick In Hand Syndrome now.
by NaughtybutProper September 10, 2012
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noun; A condition often observed after a man masturbates, or when a woman gropes a man's genitals, and fails to wash his/her hands sufficiently or at all afterwards. Symptoms may be less or more severe depending on the frequency and thoroughness with which the male washes his penis, and may include foul odor, damp skin, and in severe cases, the presence of semen on the sufferer's hand(s).
Even without close examination, I could tell by the smell that Tyler had contracted a severe case of dick hand.
by clint August 24, 2004
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A girl with really soft hands and knows how to massage your dick well.
You have great Dick hands! Ahhh I love it when you touch my dick .
by Peanutbuttervibezz April 17, 2018
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