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When it's bigger than u thought ((;
Or smaller than u thought )):
Last night had a special dick surprise for me..better than I thought.
This morning he gave me a total dick surprise..his microscope couldn't even see it.
by Fxcking.excplicit January 12, 2016
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The act of startling someone (preferably a spouse or partner) by placing your member on top of a door handle from a room they are about to exit. By doing this the first thing they see is dangus, as soon as door is fully open you yell "dick surprise" and run away. This usually results in a loud shriek and elevated heart rate. Probably not safe for the elderly or those with known heart conditions.
Trisha was not expecting there to be a large dong on the other side of the door. Upon seeing the meat Patrick yelled dick surprise and she shrieked and fainted.
by Projectpat1983 November 23, 2016
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