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The act of two men engaging in one-upmanship-especially as related to impressing a woman or attempting to present self as intellectually superior.
John and Jack got into a dick off at the bar but I don't think Sally was interested in either of them.

by schmeg8 April 26, 2009
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To waste time in a manner found inappropriate by a superior or leader. Often times this is not the first time that such inefficiencies have taken place; use of this term implies frustration and eagerness to get said task completed.
-Dude, I can't play b-ball today 'cause I've got to finish up this flippin brief.

-Well, maybe if you'd stop dicking off asking for fucking tots all the time, you'd be done by now!!
by Jyash April 21, 2005
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A competition between guys to see who has the biggest dick.
Person 1 : I bet my shlong is far bigger than yours

Person 2 : Theres only 1 way to find out, lets have a dick-off
by Bennycnz March 30, 2010
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A "dick-off" is a challenge between men to see who's penis is longer...
Billy: I bet mine is bigger than yours!

Tom: No way man, there is no way yours is bigger than mine.

Billy: Well I guess we will have to have a "dick-off"
by WillyTJr May 08, 2010
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(v.) To flail ones penis at a small child; To stick ones penis in a light socket.
Old man Peterson liked the small boy so much that he decided to dickoff in front of him; The retard saw a light socket and decided to dickoff
by midgetsnatcher October 01, 2003
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An insult widely used across the hampshire county of england.
A: Do you fancy going out to the movies tonight.

B: Pffft. Dick off love.
by Rach [Dirty Irish] October 04, 2008
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