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A "dick moment" is when a guy is a total jerk to his girlfriend or female friends. When he is insensitive and does not use his brian before he acts or speaks and hurts the feelings of others. Usually these moments occur when he is only thinking about himself.
Also a classic "dick moment" is when a GIRL breaks up with her boo. Boo doesnt handle it very well, since he is being dumped. What an ego blow that is!!! So he then goes around saying "she wasnt good enough anyways".
DUDE, she was good enough till she dumped your ass!!!! But then because you cant handle it like a mature man, you do the classic "dick moment"!! Make her look bad cause she dumped you.

There is also the above but he lets his friends say these things about the ex........BE A MAN!!!!!!!!!

Not thinking with your brain but instead your dick makes your decisions!!
by alikittykat December 13, 2010
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