Slang term meaning 'nothing'. Can also mean 'anything' if a double negative is used.
See bugger-all, shit-all, cock-all.
1. You've done dick-all since you got here!
2. That idiot doesn't know dick-all!
by keyshaw June 10, 2004
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Derived from "fuck all". When there is nothing, not a single thing to be found or identified, you may make the claim, "There is dicks all"
"Yo brotha where dem jaffa cakes at"
"Nah, there's dicks all my nigga"
by wordestablishment November 24, 2015
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when you get your hopes up for somethin. not necessarily sex.
we're not goin to the club? damn, and you had my dick all hard and shit...
by big baby jesus February 23, 2004
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I worked with Doug today, and he did sweet dick all.
by jinnyjan August 31, 2006
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To be as horny as hell, to be in such heat that you can't stop it from erecting.
Dude 1: Look at those hookers with busty hooters!!!
Dude 2: Oh man, stop talking to me. I'm all dick.
by Demon 33 October 4, 2013
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Dan: "Ray thinks he is better than everyone."
Wayne: "Meh.. he's nothing. He is all dick and no fuck."
by Cameron269 June 23, 2010
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