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an arabic food eaten after a night of drinking. The millions of shawarma 'palaces' are the only thing open in the downtown windsor strip after 3 am, and the bollywood music is always crank'n(but don't ask to use the bathrooms).
Let's go get shawarma after this.
by guinnessgirl May 15, 2006
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1. A place in the middle of nowhere.
2. A place not worth mentioning, driving to, or remembering the name of
3. A town located in the middle of farmland or prairie land and it takes less than a minute to drive out of it. Example: Oil Springs, Ontario
I had to drive out to bumfuck nowhere to pick his drunk ass up.
by guinnessgirl May 23, 2006
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Canadian word for easy courses in college/universities.
I took 'Plants and Society' because I thought it would be a bird course, but it's kicking my ass!
by guinnessgirl May 23, 2006
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