It's a very important phrase. Use a dictionary is for use when someone asks you how to spell a word and you don't know how to spell it yourself.
"how do you spell (insert word here)"

"use a dictionary"

by Unikitty1 June 18, 2017
Or are you just trying to be stupid on Urban Dictionary.
Well just search for word you can’t understand instead of searching how to use Urban Dictionary.
by FoxWarsX April 13, 2018
Either you don't own an actual dictionary or your looking for funny definitions like this
why am i using urban dictionary? Oh yeah, I'm not allowed in the bookstore after I hit that guy so I don't have any books
by UltraBoss December 3, 2016
Type in some silly joke or Something dumb;Some random word you think and start the fun!
Yeet - to throw something on full speed
Or something idk just search The Urban Dictionary... Thanks for reading How to use Urban Dictionary