The relaxing / loosening of ISP's bandwidth-sphincters
Siddhartha: Last month I visited India for my project & found that all ISPs are suffering from bandwidth diarrhoea
Roxanne: How bad is it? How did it happen?
Siddhartha: Really bad, for years they had terrible case of bandwidth-constipation, like the cost of 100 mbps FTTH now is a third of what a 4 mbps copper line used to cost 4 years ago. This guy Ambani shook up the industry in 2016 & this scared the shit out (literally) of all small & big ISPs that were selling crappy internet for exorbitant prices for years. 100 mbps costs $8 a month now.
Roxanne: Whoa! That's a serious case of bandwidth-diarrhoea
by Jumbled McGobbledygook December 21, 2020
Doing diarrhoea in the bidet, then turning the taps on full - so it creates a runny open fountain
I want to brighten up the bathroom so I’m going to do a diarrhoea fountain
by Chopper MK 50 May 20, 2021
When a person goes on a trip and posts picture after picture on Instagram seemingly uncontrollably, filling everyones timeline with their overexposed and vignette filtered holiday snaps.
Hey, have you seen who's been Berlin?! She's got a bad case of Instagram diarrhoea, she's clogging up my feed!
by RichieBigTits October 4, 2016
A social occasion, popular in Brazil. Women and men take laxatives and defecate on one another. Projectile sprays of faeces are considered the height of good form, and are usually rewarded with polite applause.
Dear, we have been invited to a diarrhoea picnic, can you pack the enemas?

by Dr Merkin October 13, 2008
A nickname for a Finnish light machine gun (Kk 62) mocked for its terrible capabilities and reliability. Often nicknamed by soldiers as the "Diarrhoea Sling."
"Vittu! Ne myönsi mulle Ripulilingon!"
("Fuck! They issued me the Diarrhoea Sling!")
by NaggerNick January 8, 2020
When you inadvertently type extra letters in to the text you are typing
I typed this but realised I had typists diarrhoea.........

thekl bag wasd not on ther tabel
by chidog June 17, 2008
Trash talking idiot that simply verballises to entertain, usually with not much luck what so ever.
A: Did i tell you about that time...
B: No.
A: Well lemme...
B: No.
A: Well you see that i do this.
A: And that.
A: And this.
A: And woo woo damn woo hiyady.
B: Gee you talk some shit, anyone would think you had Verbal Diarrhoea.
A: Well infact...
B: Yeah i know you do.
by Chossenji September 7, 2005