Something that happens to buttmunches during curry.
Do you have verbal diarrhoea, or are you ACTUALLY INSANE?
by Tom Bowtell March 20, 2003
Past tense of verbal diarrhoea
When you don't shut up for at least 5 minutes about one thing or another.
"*Talking about literally anything*"
"OMG, stop!"
"You verbal diarrhoea-ed me!"
by Banana Potato Pancakes November 14, 2020
Trying to do the near impossible due to having or being given the wrong tools or insufficiency of time.
Usually preceded by "like pushing...".
The refusal of management to see the blindingly obvious despite it being pointed out and insisting upon something inappropriate.
A:"Can you get this new program to print?".
B:"No, I've told the service centre every day this week but they still say it's ok; dealing with them is like pushing diarrhoea uphill with a rake".
by MoLincs September 20, 2009
u will die. Ur ass will explode if u catch this deadly disease. Keep clear of thai potatoes or face this type of diarrhoea.
by orangasm February 2, 2020
The process of your body violently removing the entire cheesecake you ate a few hours ago
Person 2: ok
by slackware December 31, 2022
A word used to express a character in the Netflix movie "We Can Be Heroes" spraying her diarrhoea everywhere with her liquid controlling powers
im going to Guppy Diarrhoea Splat
by skydaddymb12 August 12, 2021
omg bro i was shitting Niagara falls last week, i couldn't come to school! diarrhoea is bad.