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dfg is short for dah fei gei, which means to shoot at airplanes in cantonese.

it is slang for jackin off.
*knock knock*

Tom: hey dude what you doing? cmon open the door!

James: hold on... gime a sec

Tom: cmon man quit your dfg and open the door!
by liquefaction November 22, 2004
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DFGS "Dat Feel Good Shiet"

Expression used to portray one's physical and emotional satisfaction
When your girlfriend is stroking your penis, you tell her "That's DFGS babe!"

"That weed is DFGS"
by boongboong January 26, 2017
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gang originated in charlotte then passed on to other states.
dog food gangstas are peaceful so therefore not a gang. they are wannabees and fags.
1. the DFG got the crap beat out of them.
2. some members of DFG got in a fight and lost.
by ngfjj May 24, 2008
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1. short form for down for gangus
2. to ask someone if they are willing to let you gangus them
me: yo I was with this hot girl last night
friend: no way was she dfg?
me: yea it was freakin awesome!
by bffldsnabs October 09, 2011
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