1. (Noun) A race superior to that of any other human being because of their jolly nature, skill in hot-dog eating contests, and unstoppable physical attractiveness. To qualify as a "fat guy", one does not necessarily have to be male. They simply have to weigh in excess of 400 pounds regardless of height or age.
1. "Honey, did you see that fat guy? I'd like to get his number..."
2. "What do I look for in an employee? If you're one of the fat guys, you are hired, no questions asked."
by Fat Guy Fan 227 February 23, 2011
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A fat man who repairs tvs that wears sweatpants and has half his lunch on his left tit
J: "wanna wag class and go see the fat guy?"
N: "ok, lets see how much lunch is on his tit"
by Theguywhofuckednathansmum July 10, 2010
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Reformed playstation pirate. Also known as Garfat.
J: "i wonder if The Fat Guy has Destruction Derby 2 yet"
N "yeah Garfat hires new shit to copy every week"

J: "Lets go see the fat cunt then"
N: "yeah, lets see how much lunch is on his tit"
by theguywhofuckednathansmum July 11, 2010
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eats bag's of chips and games out and he is gay and he is really fat no oe likes him
fat guy really gay and fat no one likes him
by gaige forrest March 7, 2017
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The phenomenon when two fat guys in a group, such as friends or coworkers, constantly have pointless beef with each other
-“Man, Joseph and Will have really been going at it recently in order to earn this promotion.”

-“Nah. It’s not about the promotion. That’s just fat guy heat.”
by WithALaptop January 27, 2021
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The term for the strategy of waiting until the foodservice employee puts the first portion of meat on your sandwich/burrito/whatever to ask for double meat. That way, the size of the first portion isn't compromised by the knowledge that a second portion is coming, and sets a precedent portion size for the second portion, avoiding any size discrepancy between first and second portions. Particularly effective at Chipotle.
Employee - "What kind of meat, sir?"
Fat Guy - "Chicken, my man."
E - *Scoop*
E - "Any vegetables?"
FG - "Actually, can I get double chicken?"
E - "Godfuckingdammit okay."
FG - "Fat Guy Strategy wins again."
by blarglwharbl July 19, 2014
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When a fat guy doesn't have the body definition of somebody who is considered traditionally muscular, but has some proportional features, such as muscular arms, that make his fat guy features look acceptable.
Alec Baldwin is in pretty good shape for a fat guy.

Yeah, I know. He's fat guy swole.
by pseudonym mcjohnson April 25, 2011
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