A term originally from the urban DC area used for a hot bitch of any race who most likely will fuck you if you talk to her, basically a hoe. it's used for males too but not often.
I'm looking for them fine honeyz that dew moe, oh wait there's one over there she bait an what not.
by LDTREX June 29, 2011
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The result in the nether regions when a woman is severely turned on or reaches climax.
She was so turned on she made dew right there in her pants.

I love it when my girlfriend gets morning dew.
by hulstaph April 26, 2004
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A daily nap, similar to the Spanish 'siesta' but specifically done by British people who can't manage a full day awake.
"Player's gotta dew"

"I would go out tonight, but I'm exhausted from a long day of watching television as I haven't had my dew"

"Hour at the gym, an hour dew"
by Bezzzz June 22, 2012
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1. Nectar of the gods, otherwise known as slang for "Mountain Dew," a nice caffeinated beverage known to embue those who consume it with temporary super powers.
Man, I need a Dew. It gives me such power and energy but at a terrible price.
by Dewmaster84 September 11, 2009
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A toxic green carbonated liquid containing copious amounts of sugar and caffeine.
by mikwat May 21, 2004
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Dews is typically a last name which originated in Europe, most likely Germany. A family with the last name "Dews" usually has athletic tendencies, usually good looking, extremely social, they live life fully, moderately wealthy and know the meaning of a good time. They "work hard" THEN "play hard." A Dews is not liked by everyone, but has several friends. Most of which they would do anything for. The Dews name is meaningful to many.
I wish my family was more like the Dews family.
by MajorMillionaire January 10, 2012
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