A double order of Dewars Blended Scotch Whiskey, preferably aged 18 years, served on the rocks.

It would not include any serving from a make-shift soda dispenser often found in underground off-track betting establishments.
"While you are at the bar, can you grab me a Dew-Dew?"

"Dude, I had 8 Dews-Dews and then went home and urinated on my mother-in-law in the middle of the night."
by crazyjoemon March 23, 2007
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Dews is typically a last name which originated in Europe, most likely Germany. A family with the last name "Dews" usually has athletic tendencies, usually good looking, extremely social, they live life fully, moderately wealthy and know the meaning of a good time. They "work hard" THEN "play hard." A Dews is not liked by everyone, but has several friends. Most of which they would do anything for. The Dews name is meaningful to many.
I wish my family was more like the Dews family.
by MajorMillionaire January 10, 2012
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A really funky way to spell dude, it's pronounced the same way it just looks funky. Invented by a bored store owner in Norway
Dewed that's kewl
by Marius April 24, 2005
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Ex 1: Yo man you got that "dew"?!

Ex 2: Holy shit this is some good "dew"!
by conway k April 30, 2009
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a happy greeting,or a event thats exciting,something out the ordinay,also use as a cover for drug conversations
1) south slang

2) greeting or drug talk

3) street slang for ok

male 1: hey everyone

male 2: Wat a dew dew people

male 3: smoking weed

male 4: dewdew brown
by bastard....boy.... December 03, 2010
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a kid that has tourrettes and add who spazes constantly while picking and/or eating hos boogers
LOOK! the dew is spazzing again!!
by poop chute April 26, 2004
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DEW stands for Diverse Eastern Warriors. DEW (pronounced "doo") is a gang made up of blacks, hispanics, native americans, and russians from Newark, New Jersey. DEW originatedin a high school, but now prodominently rules the streets of NJ.
Yo, we better run, DEW is chasing us - and they are carrying guns!

by Valeviktorio December 17, 2006
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