Bot Dew is Mountain dew in the words of some one with down syndrome.
there are different types of Bot Dew out there, such as: Code Bot, Regular Bot, Live Bot, Nig Bot, and Baja Bot which is only found at Taco Bell.

Bot Dew is often refered to as just "Bot" for short.

"Alot of people in the world drink Mountain Dew. But there are only a select few who drink Bot Dew"
"Fillup G, pass me a Bot Dew"
"Dude, get some Bot Dew for the party"
by Fillup G. September 20, 2006
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The light film of sweat that forms on a woman's neck and exposed cleavage when she becomes exerted, or on hot summer nights. It generally has the effect of making her skin glow and her clothes cling to her body and the smell of her perfume more intense.
"Selena and I had been dancing for hours, and her hair was a mess, her eyeliner was running, and her chest was slick with boobie dew. She looked AWESOME."
by Arcane Rose September 02, 2007
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When you drink an enormous amount of Mountain Dew and have uncontrollable diarrhea
I just got the dew shits after drinking a case of Mountain Dew
by Jcoon June 30, 2014
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Mixed beverage containing approximately 2/3rds Mountain Dew and 1/3rd Dr. Pepper.
If you're gonna do the dew, consult your doctor! dr. dew.
by nocturnal April 13, 2006
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what you get when you mix mountain dew and vodka.
what vladimir didn't tell us was that the mountain dew was two thirds absolut
by damianD August 27, 2004
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1.) A milder form of swamp ass, sometimes caused by a trickle of backsweat down the crack, usually on a female, can be very sexy and make you want to do butt.
2.) Early-morning swamp ass
3.) A classier term for swamp ass

Incidentally it is easier to encode "dew butt" into common speech to signify that your ass is sweaty to knowledgeable listeners.
Gent 1: Dear me, but I'm afraid there is a wetness in the crack of my bum!

Gent 2: Ah yes, with the heat and humidity being as it is, I fear I too have the dew butt.

When girls get dew butt that means no lube necessary.
by testicles...that is all June 22, 2010
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When a female wakes up and is aroused and wet. The equivalent of the male morning wood.
LIsa had a hot dream last night because she woke up with morning dew
by ChopCity May 12, 2007
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