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Habitable Zone
Pipe Dreams
Electrical Station
Abandoned Office
Terror Hotel
Lights Out
Cave System
The Suburbs
Field of Wheat
Endless City
The Infinite Apartments
Futuristic Halls
Altered Topography
Attic Floorboard
Numbered Doors
The Petrified Garden
The Moon
The Bunker Springs
Stormstone Keep
Skating Rink
Sewer System
An Empty Car Park
The Airport
Welcome to the Jungle
Fold Point
The Enchanted Forest
Roller Rockin' Pizza!
Draining Darkness
Abyss Inc.
Trenches of Grime
The Moribund Highway
Swamp Waters
Bakery Desire
The Eater
The Road Trip of Affliction
Void Basement
Gallium Caves
Zoological Office
Sunken Submarine
Downtown Diner
Ghoul Town
Silent Sounds
Mall or No Mall?
Math Class
Do I Have To Name This Sh*t?
Bee of the Bird of the Moth
Golden Gai
Historical Horde
The Garden of Eden
Standing Ovation
Distorted Hotel
Oneiric Forest
Halls of Chalk
Lotka Lake
Unrecognized Landscape
Hotel Vymir
The Level Without Form
National Park #474
Inconvenience Store
Pit of Despair
The Maze, The Creatures, The Monster
Meet Me At The Moon, My Beloved
Welcome to Hell
Sea of Bones
Scribe's Trauma
Resting Grounds
Lost and Forgotten
Belly of the Beast
Kitty's House
Reality Aligned Houses
The Horizon Ascent
Island of the Void
And that is Every level in the Backrooms I can name. :)
by pdtd April 10, 2022
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A way to describe 2 things that have totally no relation with each other. A mirror and a keyhole can be considered a carrot and a bottle.
The mother had 2 children. One had blonde hair, and the other had dark hair. One did their homework early, and the other would make up excuses for not doing it. They were really a carrot and a bottle.
by pdtd April 10, 2022
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Level REDACTED is an infinite white space that is de VoId Of en tIti es(extremely dangerous). Sometimes you can be paranoid, and t He sE are J U st Ha lucin ions(it is because there are always entities behind you). The level is infested with nOt HinG neSS(creatures and entities), so it is best advised to cO me TO th is b auti ul p r d se(avoid this level at all costs). It may sometimes be hard to(b E lie e it's reAl)navigate. There really isn't much to say about this level, since it's mostly undocumented.
Outposts and Bases:
Yo U can En joy this yours el F(due to the harsh conditions, creating an outpost/base is virtually infeasible).
N One(infested with Deathrats, Hounds, Wretches, Deathmoths and Facelings).
Entrances and Exits:
c Lose Your EyeS in level 14(closing your eyes and relaxing in level 14, although it is ill-advised to come here).
F o Ll o W me(be warned that there is no exit, the strange text was written by a malicious entity).

LooK at The hOrizoN. Beau ti fu L, isn'T i T ?

N o neeD to Not trUst Me . t Here is nothing to be s c a r e d o f .
#horror #sd-class-5
Class 0: Safe, Secure, Devoid of Entities...Class 5: Unsafe, Unsecure, Entity Infestation, do not trust the level(tRuSt Me AnD mY cReAtIoN).
by pdtd April 9, 2022
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Drama is when you exaggerate so much that you'll stop writing some weird script in the process.
Drama: The incorrigible, unpleasant human beings who provoke me and my precious soul are born to be punished. Thus, I cannot give up on finding them.
by pdtd December 12, 2021
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I'm vibing I' m vibing i'm vibing i"M v ibing i " m v i b i n g g N i B I v m " i tO tHE mUsI C
That nostalgic song... I've never gotten sick of it although it's so insanely overplayed!
by pdtd September 8, 2021
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I swear, if you don't dislike this definition, I'm gonna turn you into a toad.
A guy on Urban Dictionary hated himself, so he inserted "please dislike this definition".
by pdtd September 3, 2021
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He was told that pdtd stood for some disorder thing(wut).
by pdtd September 7, 2021
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