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*Aight, this is gonna be long* #00ffff is the hex code for the(kinda confusing) colo(u)r cyan. Cyan is a bright shade of blue that is commonly described as "The Best Colo(u)r". Personally, cyan is my second favo(u)rite colo(u)r, after sky blue.

This colo(u)r is slightly related to lime green(#0000ff), which gets the bronze medal for my favo(u)rite colo(u)r list. Cyan is also the first part of a type of poison, known as cyanide. Cyanide is what many people believe as what Adolf Hitler used to commit suicide, after he had lost all hope in WWII.

The hex code is obviously #00ffff, but why? Each hex code has 6 digits. The digits are the first 6 letters of the alphabet, and all of the number from 0 to 9. RGB has three digits. It is also an acronym. R stands for red, G stands for green and B stands for blue. Since RGB is 3 digits, the "deepness" of the colo(u)r is shown with just two digits each. Since blue put with green is cyan, the hex code is #00ffff. I hope you have learnt something today.
#00ffff is the hex code for my second favo(u)rite colo(u)r, cyan.
by pdtd December 4, 2021
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Jack: Have you searched raguS nolemretaW?
Jill: Yes, but nothing came out!
Jack: Did you define it?
Jill: I didn't really want to...
Me: I'm gonna do it then.
by pdtd September 9, 2021
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Habitable Zone
Pipe Dreams
Electrical Station
Abandoned Office
Terror Hotel
Lights Out
Cave System
The Suburbs
Field of Wheat
Endless City
The Infinite Apartments
Futuristic Halls
Altered Topography
Attic Floorboard
Numbered Doors
The Petrified Garden
The Moon
The Bunker Springs
Stormstone Keep
Skating Rink
Sewer System
An Empty Car Park
The Airport
Welcome to the Jungle
Fold Point
The Enchanted Forest
Roller Rockin' Pizza!
Draining Darkness
Abyss Inc.
Trenches of Grime
The Moribund Highway
Swamp Waters
Bakery Desire
The Eater
The Road Trip of Affliction
Void Basement
Gallium Caves
Zoological Office
Sunken Submarine
Downtown Diner
Ghoul Town
Silent Sounds
Mall or No Mall?
Math Class
Do I Have To Name This Sh*t?
Bee of the Bird of the Moth
Golden Gai
Historical Horde
The Garden of Eden
Standing Ovation
Distorted Hotel
Oneiric Forest
Halls of Chalk
Lotka Lake
Unrecognized Landscape
Hotel Vymir
The Level Without Form
National Park #474
Inconvenience Store
Pit of Despair
The Maze, The Creatures, The Monster
Meet Me At The Moon, My Beloved
Welcome to Hell
Sea of Bones
Scribe's Trauma
Resting Grounds
Lost and Forgotten
Belly of the Beast
Kitty's House
Reality Aligned Houses
The Horizon Ascent
Island of the Void
And that is Every level in the Backrooms I can name. :)
by pdtd April 10, 2022
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one of my previous definitions but backwards. click my name and find and like(or dislike)it!
!TI OD TSUJ !ti od tsuJ ...drow yna epyT ...drow yna epyT ...drow yna epyT ...drow yna epyT ...drow yna epyT ...drow yna epyT ...drow yna epyT ...drow yna epyT ...drow yna epyT ...drow yna epyT
by pdtd September 9, 2021
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I want to set on you on fire, but my mother doesn't allow me to burn trash. That is the perfect insult to your enemies(WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, YOU WILL GET GROUNDED).
by pdtd April 12, 2022
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So, you put the letters on your keyboard in bunches of 6, then start at the right in each bunch and go down but in the opposite direction(you go down left). Do it again and again. When you reach the very right and the last bunch, just type in "plo", since you do that pattern and there's only the O left. That's it. You've created the official word of total boredom and completely lost interest.
You searched up this random word called waxqszrdvefcygnthbijmukplo, thinking that nothing would pop up, but this did, and you probably never expected it.
by pdtd September 14, 2021
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a base64 code. well, you'll have to find out about that one yourself.
*hint: double decode* VkdocGN5QjVaV0Z5SUhkaGN5Qm9ZWEprTGc9PQ==
by pdtd September 9, 2021
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