'A'lways 'U'nder 'The' 'I"nfluence
that aut is auti fham always ripping
by Autiadede October 17, 2019
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a crazy person who doesnt gave a crap what others think of her. she is way way too nice and is very sweet. she isnt the prettiest bu a lot of people love he for her awesome personality. she is really depressed and sad sometimes ut always manages to smile
guy 1:man i wish my girlfriend was like Auti
Guy2: me too but prettier
Guy1: ya
by auti April 22, 2008
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Spastic ginger that thinks urban dictionary is the valid dictionary
Auty thinks unrban dictionary is 110 accurate
by zSmxkey December 16, 2018
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An autis is someone who completely transcends into a level of autism beyond all life and is the literal physical form of autism.
Jasson: ooh ahh I’m a monkey
Jonathan: your an autis
Jasson: ooh ohh ahh aah
by TheRichCanOpener June 27, 2019
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