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"Desperism" : The action of publicly ruining your personal reputation through a desperate or humiliating act in order to preserve a flawed ideology, statement of innocence or ill reputed corporate mandate.
Example #1: "The desperism is evident as John still insists that the world is flat even after seeing the photographs of earth from space.
"Example #2: "Despite the overwhelming physical evidence that proved beyond a doubt that Robert was guilty of the murder, in an act of desperism, he continued to claim his innocence without introducing any contradictory new evidence to provide credence to his statement."
Example #3:"A recent clinically study proved that new widgets produced by FLUBBY INCORPORATED contain lethal amounts of toxic substances. Despite these findings, in an act of desperism, FLUBBY INC'c president released the following statement... "Our products are 100% safe and we urge consumers to continue using FLUBBY brand widgets."
by Lance Campeau September 25, 2007
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