Has anyone ever told you that you look like Beyonce? Nah they usually tell me I look like Shalissa.
by Geegee347 May 13, 2015
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Shalissa is a girl who likes to be kewl
“People usually tell me I took like shalissa
Who the fuck is that ?”
Me bitch
by Daddy Is Delicious March 13, 2019
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Two names put together (her mother Shelly and her aunt Melissa) make up Shalissa's beautiful name.

Shalissa is a strong, independent, caring and kind hearted woman. Shalissa lives to make others happy without any expectation of return. Shalissa may give and give until she has nothing left and yet still carry that smile on her face. Shalissa is one of a kind, like her name.
Shalissa works hard to acquire everything she wants in life.
by AS1231 December 17, 2014
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Shalissa is a girl who has long hair. Shalissa is a girl who has an A1 body. Shalissa is a girl who always walks on her feet. Shalissa is a girl who works at Logan's. Shalissa is a girl with huge lips! shalissa is a girl who has two hair colors in her head. Shalissa is a babe.
Random Nigga -"Shalissa come here!"

Shalissa - "Im to fly for you, bitch ass"

Random Nigga - "awh"
by Philuping September 2, 2015
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Shalissa is a fun adventurous girl with a lot of potential. She isn’t afraid to fight a B* and she’s best friends with THICKY Vicky. She’s known for her numerous adventures in high school and she definitely brings the life to the party. She gets guys all of the time cuz she’s really thiccccc🍑🍑. She’s thicker than THICKY Vicky although Vicky will never admit it.
Tito: “Yo do you see how thicc shalissa is?”
Donny: “Man I’d hit that
by ShalissaThicc July 9, 2019
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A hilarious, pretty, and thicc gurl. Her best friend is Thiccynicki and Saphora the Explorer. She an amazing sense of style. She is very sweet and is not afraid to stick up for her besties.
Shalissa is back and better than everrrrrr.
by Thickynicki April 4, 2018
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Person:Has anyone ever said you look like beyonce.Girl;No they usually say i look like shalissa.Person:Who dafuq is dat?Shalissa:ME BITCH
by Imurdaddy000002 January 11, 2021
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