The Flowers dropped onto the surface of Mars by the crew of the Nickola Tesla spacecraft rapidly became desiccated.
Flowers Mars desiccated
by @thedocwho2 January 08, 2019
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1. To dry up
2. To preserve (a food) by drying
3. To drain of emotional or intellectual vitality
1. The hot weather temperatures will desiccate the lawn!
2. The recipe calls for desiccated coconut.
3. Discussing politics with my brother always leaves me feeling desiccated.
by Septima September 29, 2009
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1. dry someobject such as squid, for people want to eat it like jerky.
3. Make someone discouraged,depressed, and listless.
1. Fisher got tons of squid and they will desiccate them to sell in the fisher market. But It smells like corps.
2. My pet just throw up all her food, and she is desiccated with no more vigor.
by purinsy August 28, 2008
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A male (possibly female or thing) who is so sexually revolting to a typical woman that any moisture is pulled away from her vulva whenever he's in close proximity to her.
Becky: Ew, Mike's looking at us.

Veronica: Gawd, I know. He's, like, so gross he makes my pussy like a desert and stuff.

Mandy: Yeah, he's pussy desiccant alright.

Veronica: Like, what's that and stuff?

Becky: You know those little packets that come in a new pair of shoes that say "do not eat".

Mandy: That's right. Do not put desiccant in your mouth or your pussy.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 21, 2021
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