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A word used by the U.S. military during the cold war while speaking of the Vietnam soldiers. In return the Vietnam soldiers called the American troops G.I.
American Soldier: Charlies 6 o'clock!
Vietnam Soldier: Loudmouth G.I's 12 o'clock!
by Toxic Ninja January 10, 2007
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1. In female version, a Charly is a sexy mama with the body of a goddess and equal parts of intellect and genius. The perfect ingredients. Usually found with flowing red hair.

2. In male version, a Charly is a damn Vietnamese fighter man.
1. person A: did you see that charly that was just here?

person B: Hell yeah! when red heads are hot they are HOT!

2. A damn Charly blew off your grandpa's leg.
by sirseductive July 02, 2009
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Charly is a very out going, nice person. Referred to as the swag master. The person that will make your life even better
"This day was awesome, what a Charly day"
"I wish I was as swag as Charly"
by Swag master 007 February 24, 2014
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A Charly is usually a girl who is funny and outgoing. She has an amazing personality and can turn anyones day from bad to good with a single smile. Her beauty is unfathomable and she would put even the best models to shame. Charlys are godess like and capable of healing even the most broken of hearts with their love.
She is beautiful, kind and funny, she must be a Charly.
by Mr Stealyogirl January 23, 2015
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A Charly is super pretty girl that is usually blonde. She is innocent and sweet. She is the perfect girl for any guy.
That girl is such a Charly. Why does she not have a boyfriend?
by helloandhi1997 October 22, 2011
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Charly is a beautiful blonde girl. A girl who is very intelligent and knows a lot. Charly is a girl who is nice and thinks of others when doing something. Charly is not rude and is caring. Charly is exactly what any man would ask for, She has many great qualities and any man should love her imperfections. Even when Charly is just sitting, she is beautiful. She doesn’t stop being beautiful. Charly has a small friendship squad, and keeps to herself and never causes trouble.
Charly? Why of course, she is the best young lady in the whole word!!
by K Ali August 10, 2018
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