Bennet is a lovable annoying person.Who has long temper and doesn't get mad.Is is the one loyal kid who does't snitch no matter what. Alot of people dont say it out loud but inside you find him very good looking.
Yoo wassuh Bennet
by xjsdnveijv May 20, 2020
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Boy or Girl

Very handsome & good looking Boy (or Girl) with a massive Penis.
He likes to slide into DMs of famous Porn ACTORS like MIA, LANA or Joe Biden!
Look there is Bennet, he might be gay!
by Doge_my_Coin November 8, 2022
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-the hottest boy on earth and also of the universe and in the universe of the universe
- the smartest boy you know
- the cutest and kindest boi
- a loving and generous person
- the best Piano Player ever
- sooo fucking Smart and Hot!!
- also very funny

If you have a Bennet, you have everything!
by Thewayweswing April 16, 2020
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Damm Bennet’s gay
by Cockkiller November 25, 2019
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1) Used to describe the very rare instances when a male may impregnate a woman without actual carnal knowledge.
A term originating in Dublin Ireland. Usually occurs during sexual assault wherby a male masturbates over a usually heavily sedated female and some sperm works its way to the lady garden. A behaviour that is thought to be a throwback to baser genetic tendancies sometimes exhibited in canine species suce as the mountain wolf.

E.G. That American girl claims he did a bennet on her.
by eoinolin September 8, 2008
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To make an argument and realize in the middle of the argument that you're wrong, then start looping the argument so you can try to confuse the opponent(s) and get away with losing.

-The person benneting tends to use phrases such as "that's not what I said", when that is exactly what he/she said, and "that's what I'm trying to say!", when he/she says something you said or when that is not at all what he/she said.
It is impossible to have a valid argument or debate when someone begins to bennet, it does not end until the person not bennetting decides that the argument or debate is going nowhere and leaves.
by Jackie Chan Jr. December 28, 2011
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Getting "Bennetted", is the act of getting ridicuosly drunk.
I'm going to get Bennetted tonight!
Wow, she's Bennetted!
Man i was soo Bennetted last night!
by robkd14 February 8, 2010
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