A girl who is never afraid to show her true colors. She is super sexy, hot, smart and a total badass. She is the most reliable friend to have and will always keep your secret. She may seem like a scary girl but she is just protective of her friends and family. Mess with someone she cares about you better run, she isn't afraid to through a punch where needed. Never backstab her other wise you're in for a world for of hell. If you ever get a Denisha to call your own NEVER let her go.
'Hey I just found my self a Denisha'
What!? No way dude you're so lucky!
'Yeah I know not every day a Denisha befriends somone'
by Bruve November 18, 2016
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A dark skinned dark haired beauty english but often mistaken for spanish arabian etc
denisha looks like she may be arab spaniard

Shes not shes english
by liveone August 19, 2013
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Labor and Delivery Nurse 👩🏾 ⚕️🤰🏽
No regrets in life. Just lessons learned. 🙌🏽
Denisha is the best. She loves her pregnant patients.
by Dshaireeeeee May 24, 2021
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A short spanish girl who thinks she's the shit. She's very beautiful and sexy. She thinks she can do whatever she wants. She likes to bitch at people she hates and starts a lot of shit. She's a wannabe thug. But she still living that thug life.
by Wedopehere January 6, 2014
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denisha sofea is a girl. well, she has a huge heart but she doesn’t show. she cares about others silently. she’s independent girl but deep down in her heart she needs someone. she has lots of friend, but still she feels lonely because nobody really know is she.
hey denisha sofea, i made u a playlist
by pujaan hati May 18, 2021
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a girl who looks and dresses like a man and looks like a man;
person: Hey do yu know what guy?

Me: no i dont know that man cause shes a girl her names denisha edwards.

person: oh... she looks like a man
by alternet-princess January 9, 2010
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