Usually someone young who thinks they're "hard" or wants to be "hard", but really isn't. A follower or a pawn by nature. They will do anything to fit in. Originally found in Sandusky, Ohio, but now found in a town near you.SEE Dirty Dusky, Dirty Duskian, Sandoucheski.
The wannabe thugs in this town, are ruining everything that was nice about

by Pioneer 1 June 1, 2016
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A dumbass, stupid ass nigga that constantly acknowledges that he is apart of some crip/blood gang.
by goofyassnigga February 25, 2016
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Someone who acts all thuggish but they just come off as pathetic
bloodz4life ouu tryna come for us nah boy you don’t mess wit us we thugsss aka the wannabe thug
by Hating on the hoes November 20, 2018
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White people who think they're hard but actually live in a suburban area and they skimp weed for $30/g
(White girl)Kinsey: I'm too hard yo, these Feds can't hold me back yo.

Normal Person: Sit the fuck down you wannabe thugs.
by Yung rich tom April 20, 2016
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"A bunch of high-class non-black kids who try to act "ghetto" by trying to rap to mainstream music. They create fake drama just so they can pretend they live a hard life."
Person A: why is that kid trying to rap like that?

Person B: ignore him he just a thug wannabe.
by 3man98 May 15, 2016
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