a really good looking type of guy, generally with dark hair and eyes, who speaks spanish and lives in spain
I would go out with a spaniard.
by Ang89 September 20, 2006
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A person from Spain who can never shut up or at least talk quietly.
The male is a mix of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza: he is obsessed with food and sees the world as it best suits his ego. Intellectual honesty, reason and empiricism are alien concepts to him. He enjoys ham, alcohol, and domestic violence.
The female is much like the male although unsurprisingly she does not enjoy domestic violence. Female Spaniards are also fantastic in bed, if and when they stop talking.
Both sexes are ferociously proud of what Spain has given to the world, even if it is only the one book.
The non-Spaniard is the centre of his mother's world; the Spaniard is the centre of the world.
How does a Spaniard commit suicide? He jumps from his ego.
Look at all the Spaniards who have given the thumbs-down to this definition.
by ayayay April 6, 2008
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Person from Spain, one of the greatest European empires of all times. The word usually brings to mind the feared Spanish 'conquistadores' who conquered and colonized large part of the American continent, and turned Spain into the world's number one world potency for several centuries.
"Those Spaniards are cruel, they massacred millions of natives when they arrived to the New World!" - Random liberal PC faggot.
by Stomper88 November 3, 2004
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What everybody in Europe want to be because they know that we, Spaniards, are the most partying, funny, good-looking and cool people and our country has the best beaches, tapas and night life.
German: Man, you know I am just German, you are Spaniard. I want to be like you...
Spaniard: Man, don't worry you are OK (thinking "you are fucking boring")
by Antonio GGG December 16, 2007
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People from Spain, not other Spanish-speaking countries.
They don't look as people from South-America, they look, and in fact they are, Europeans white skin but usually dark haired.
These people love partying, having "botellón" (drinking on the street), rampage, etc.
Sometimes they have fun by doing/watching cruel things like bullfights, fights, smash public stuff like benches, shopwindows, etc.
They all go to University and they're one of the best professionals in medicine.
They are really good at bed, doin' it like strong&brave bulls
The best are maybe the ones from Andalusia, see Andalusia
Who's that guy drinking rum while laughing at that child bleeding?
He's Manuel, the spaniard.
by FrankieHamish October 26, 2006
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The best people ever. Why? No reasons. We just are.
Im part Spaniard. My mom is part Spaniard.
by sssssssssssssss June 14, 2007
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One of the best ethnicities to be. Great and sophisticated people who will always have my good respect.
The Spaniards Great Language: Me de Jose de Fernandez mi habla de Espaniol porque de mi Espaniol.

Long live the Spanish!
by Jose de Fernandez September 13, 2007
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