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An astro-turf version of democracy in which corporations initiate, bankroll, and steer social justice movements.

Neoliberal virtue-signaling.

In democratism, corporations who pretend to care about social justice sell products to customers who pretend to hate capitalism.
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by kvikaas September 08, 2018
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Charactoristics of being a Dem.
Usually used when one is not very fond of all Democratic views.

Promoting (one or more):
Helping the homeless
National Healthcare
Stem Cell Research
Working for the working class
Painting houses for single mothers
Global warming worries
Gay/Lesbian marriage
Erin was showing signs of democratism when she decided that (even though she was totally against it) she needed an abortion so her Conservative parents wouldn't kill her.
by Jizzle Fo Shizzle September 09, 2007
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