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a girl who can kick anyone but she is amazing beuatiful and the best bff you could ever have everyone around her loves her BOY MAGNET
girl-delana got all the boys dand she a slut
me- she aint no slut she my bff she cant help itt
by bb_WES February 01, 2017
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A fantastic Woman that can kick anyone's ass, and has the ability to see through walls. Has amazing boobies. :)
BoB- Did you see that chick walking by?

BillY- yeah, Dude she was hella hot, she looked like a delana.
by Anal Roy July 10, 2008
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She is the most amazing girl you will ever see. She has the ability to kick anyoneโ€™s ass. She may not have the best grades while younger but has amazing sex moves and position
Kevinโ€Bro Delana fucked me real good last night โ€œ

*bob runs toward her*
by Wolfchick112 July 11, 2018
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A toxic bitch on Quotev who's dramatic and petty as fuck.
Girl 1: She's always causing drama.
Girl 2: Well, that's Delana for you.
by arkxmasylxm July 31, 2018
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