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A fantastic Woman that can kick anyone's ass, and has the ability to see through walls. Has amazing boobies. :)
BoB- Did you see that chick walking by?

BillY- yeah, Dude she was hella hot, she looked like a delana.
by Anal Roy July 10, 2008
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a girl who can kick anyone but she is amazing beuatiful and the best bff you could ever have everyone around her loves her BOY MAGNET
girl-delana got all the boys dand she a slut
me- she aint no slut she my bff she cant help itt
by bb_WES February 01, 2017
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She is the most amazing girl you will ever see. She has the ability to kick anyone’s ass. She may not have the best grades while younger but has amazing sex moves and position
Kevin”Bro Delana fucked me real good last night “

*bob runs toward her*
by Wolfchick112 July 11, 2018
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A toxic bitch on Quotev who's dramatic and petty as fuck.
Girl 1: She's always causing drama.
Girl 2: Well, that's Delana for you.
by arkxmasylxm July 31, 2018
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