The act of being thrown out of a window.
DUDE! That dead guy on the side walk was totally defenestrated!
by Seamus McCabe August 2, 2004
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Being made to laugh while drinking milk through a straw so that milk shoots out through your nose.
Charles laughed when Clarence defenestrated all over his trigonometry homework.
by Hasno Frenz February 15, 2018
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The act of bodily thowing a person out of a window. Defenestration is best executed from a third story (glass) window as it breaks bones but allows the defenestree to limp away.

Defenestration first officially happened at the Defenestration of Prague in 1618, leading to the start of the 30 years war.
"I was told not to shoot the king's messenger, so I defenestrated him; he broke both legs. I do believe the king got the message."

"Gee, Larry, I haven't seen a good old-fashioned defenestration in a while."

by miss gunn April 27, 2008
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Larry pissed me off, so I defenestrated him off the thirty-first floor. What a mess.
by Daniel December 9, 2002
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The art of hurling the nearest problem out of a window.
Defenestration of a human out of a 30th story window has a vicious tendency to create a mess that the police are not to keen on cleaning up.
by lastoftheidiots July 23, 2006
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v. The act of throwing something or SOMEONE out of a window.
on witnessing the disposal of a cigarette from the window of a moving car: "That was a heinous act of defenestration!"
by Blaine September 6, 2003
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To have thrown something or someone out or through a window.
The evil stepmother was angry with me, so she defenestrated my boyfriend.
by KlassyKlicker October 8, 2010
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