def- short for defence in gamers community.
They will atack now !!! so all back and lets def ffs !
by exployt July 14, 2005
Ah you're def close to me then. If you're tech savvy, I might just need your help to give me a hand in hooking up my comp at my soon-to-be home.
by wiCkEd eEv January 27, 2003
Permutation of "deft". Adroit.
Yo, sir. Those moves are def.
by Bud April 3, 2004
Certain. First used by Run-DMC. Sort for definate.
by Ahmose July 31, 2003
abreviation for the word definately, usually used by kids who are either way cool, or way lame.

the only way to pull of using the term "def" is to be the first one around to use it. if you're just copying someone, people might think you're lame.
Kara asked if the new guy was cute.
Emily repiled, "Oh most def! He's soo hot!"
by Kara April 25, 2005
def- short for definatly
is it pos for someone to be def ser about something that is def not pos to be ser about
by kingss49 January 31, 2003
Short form of "definitely", as it flows a lot better and can be said much quicker.
Ray: Would you tap that?
Geoff: Def not!
by stokes November 18, 2005