Going 'deep' into someone's content feed on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / some other social network and liking a post / item / photo etc.
I could tell Cindy was into my Instagram when she deep-liked a photo I took from all the way back last summer.
by badboyboyce July 7, 2014
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When you post a photo and/or comment on Facebook and one of your friends likes a comment contributed by another friend on that post. This is fine, and encouraged, unless the deep-liker does not Like the original poster's photo and/or comment as well. This is hurtful to the original poster and is a big endorphin killer.
Johnny posts a picture of his cute dog on Facebook and Kimmy 'Likes' a comment on the the post provided by another friend, Carly. Johnny is like, "WTF? Kimmy deep-liked Carly's comment about my dog, but she doesn't like my picture of the actual dog? WTF, Hey!"
by Ricky Bobby 07 July 30, 2015
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An emotion stronger than 'like' but not as strong as 'love'
Boy: Hey babe, I deep-like you.
Girl: Aww, I deep-like you too ^.^
by NinjasRHere February 9, 2011
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Another way to say "love" while avoiding cheesiness
Martin deep-likes Jessica
I deep-like house music
by therealrealprofessor October 12, 2014
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A phrase used when talking to a batter in baseball. To encourage your player to hit a homerun....you yell to them "go deep like Kelly." Kelly refers to Jim Kelly throwing to a deep ball to Andre Reed.
Hey, Will...Go deep like Kelly
by Derek Craig May 1, 2007
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2 meanings:
1.just a f*cking stalker who basically like every single post you uploads(your photo, you naked, your homie, your pets, your slave, basically anything that isn't really interesting)
2.dirty things to your anal/vegana
1.she always deep-like every single my posts, even with her mom.
2.i went hard in her last night, she's deep-like, dude.

the more you know
by pussyhunter696, June 3, 2019
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A saying used to say that something is meant to be deep but epically failed. A paper cut is typically the most minor of the cuts--barely breaking the skin, so for something to be "deep like a paper cut" means that it is hardly deep at all.
Jessica: Look, I know that you like using men like tissues, but you are thirty-freaking-three now. I really think you ought to settle down. Find a man who can tame you.

Emily: Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run free with them.

Jessica: Wooow. Quoting Sex and The City. Deep like a paper cut.
by hahahehehahahohahahehehahaho December 30, 2011
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