Go deep relates to a number of things, mainly sexually orientated. It may be used in the following sexual contexts:

Using a raised voice - GO DEEEP! - when the vagina is propped up and ready for insertion. This catch phrase is often helpful for increasing focus for the task at hand. The penis is inserted at a medium pace, ensuring full length penetration. The first stroke often sets the mood for the remainder of the session, so it is cruicial to maintain direction and speed, and ensure maximum depth into the vaginal cavity.

Alternatively, the partner (or receiver) may request the giver to 'go deep', which following guidelines of the first context, also sets a great mood.

In a baby making context. To go deep is to ensure the ejaculate from the male testes is deposited as close to the uterus as possible. This ensures the semen has the least distance to travel through the cervix, as the spermicide contained within the vaginal walls battles with the foreign invaders (similar to the asian invasion occuring in Australia... you know who you are!).
>>> Sean: "Oh Trent, GO DEEP!"

Trent: inserts penis into anal cavity "Oh yeah Seanny baby... my cocks so deep, i can feel your intestines"

Sean: "Your not that large baby. I mean, ive taken bigger."

>>> Dave: "GO DEEEP!"

Dave: inserts penis into Nancy's vagina acurately

Nancy: "Oh yeah... this will be an intense fuck"

>>> Rose: "make sure you go deep this time, im sick of fucking you to make a baby"

Barry: "alright im gonna cum... its in as far as it goes... OHHHH OHHHH!! ahhhhh yeah!"
by omg i am wtf uber October 29, 2007
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To jam it in up to the hilt; pierce a lung
She spread her legs so wide I knew it was time to go deep.
by Anonymous November 2, 2002
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Going Deep is when you and the og's are cruising around town with yo hand held's and you hear a furnace cooking up some of that sweet sweet sulfur so you don't have any other choice to 'Go Deep' on them.
This hoe over here is dead in his airlock let me push in and 'Go Deep' o' shit I hear that sweet sweet sulfur cooking up let me get a homie's door code real quick *once acquired door codes* "I'm fulling in! I'm going deep!" -Ramsey
by Coochie Snagger October 27, 2018
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Although it is normally used as a sexual term for putting your whole cock as far into someone’s pussy or asshole as you can get, in the Rust community it means raiding an enemy clan’s base but going as far into their base as fast as possible.
Raider 1: “That was an impressive loot haul.”
Raider 2: “Couldn’t have done it without going deep on the base, though.”
by RustyGrizz August 21, 2018
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To "go deep" can lean on two senses of the word in my eyes: either a) to go deeper down the field when playing American football - don't ask me, not American or b) to penetrate your lady (or man friend) that slight bit deeper by changing angle or adding a slight bit of thrust... kabang and there you have it.
1 - "Mikey, go deep I'm gonna make this mother fucker fly like that frantic greek child who flew to close to the sun".

2 - ...later that night at either (a) Mikey's mum's, (b) Mikey's coache's or (c) Mikey's girlfriend's place, whatever floats your boat - "Ohh Mikey, way to go. Ohh, phud... ohh slam me hunny. Drill me like Dr. Evil's project vulcan baby, drill me good like the driller killer, ohh fuck me... fuck me, go deep! Take me to the core of the earth baby....woooohoooo. What a fucking rush - p.s. she faked it.
by Robert Head April 5, 2007
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Going deep is a saying which explains a situation in which you are going all the way. It can be used in almost any situation as long as you (or something(eg. dick)) are going deep.
Mate, did you see the smoke off your tires??

Yeah bro, the accelerator was going deep.

How was that chick from the other night Billy?

Oh she was a cock craving slut mate, she went deep.

Why do you keep winning?
Because I go deep.

Did you drink all your booze yet?
Yeah ages ago, I went deep.
by ErOR, Parker, LiNktO, Bling NZ February 12, 2010
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have a serious and thoughtfilled coversation with someone you care about. Most likely a text message. Conversations may incluted sex, life, feelings, ect.
Owen: "Got anything deep"
Hannah: "Yes...what do you think is outside of the earth"
Owen: "Wow we relly are going deep on this one"
by Owin W June 23, 2010
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