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n. etymology-no fucking idea
term used by midwest (USA) mothers in the seventies to refer to the penis of young boys. Apparently because the word "penis" was to dirty.
Midwestern Mom in the seventies(to young son going to the bathroom): Honey, make sure to shake your deel when you are done going pee-pee!
young son (to himself):that is wierd.


Man to young boy after making an agreement to mow the lawn, putting his hand out to shake: Well boy, lets make a deal!

Young boy runs away, scared as shit.
by C.W. Anderson III September 13, 2005
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Chinese/Cantonese dialect only (not used by speakers of other Chinese dialects such as Mandarin); widely used slang term that literally has the exact meaning and connotation as the word "fuck" in English. Can be used as a noun or a verb.
deel lay loe moe ga chull haeigh-fuck your old mother's stinky cunt!

ho deel ah-good fuck

lun-deel-literally means "dick-fuck" (same connotation as "asshole or dickwad")

by John Tam the Man July 27, 2006
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Where someone is overly pressured to do something in the year 2018.
by Deels August 02, 2018
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Deel is a multi contextual word much like Jank, its mostly used as a sentence flavor booster, or a ice breaker usually getting a cheerful response or a questionable look when said. Can be randomly said at random times extremely loud just to say it without a reaction from anybody.
Tom - did you see what harry was doing last night, bob - no I didn't, harry - DEEL
Jason - Dude whats going on around here Moe - DEEL
by Xcfirecraft June 20, 2019
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Deel is a multi purposed filler word that is much like the word Jank, its mostly used in a sentence as a filler word, or as a conversation starter, it has no true meaning with the meaning being defined to the circumstance at hand
My friend asked me what I thought about the movie. but I couldn't think of anything special so all I said was Deel
by Xcfirecraft June 20, 2019
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