Being in possesion of Marijuana.
Knowing that Jim smokes pot,Bob went up to him and said "Hey man, You decent?"

Matt is Decent! Were going to party tonight!
by Mosh Pit Money January 25, 2009
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decent can be used as an alternative to the word SAFE when saying hello or goodbye to ones peers.
"Yeh i'll check you later.decent yeh"

"Decent Seize, what you under fam?"
by Billy Jacobs October 06, 2005
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a measuremeant of trying.
the try was decent.
by tony June 10, 2003
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A word that you say when you think something’s bad, but you don’t want to say that it’s bad.
bro: how’d you do on the math test?
me: ehhhh...it was decent
bro: lemme guess...you got 49% on it?
me: yep
by fran_the_bts_stan March 11, 2020
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Other word for shitbags
SSG Hunnicutt and SPC Lee are decent company
by Bobby lee09 October 06, 2017
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