Kind, gracious and endearing as opposed to bitter, hard and harsh. Sweetness in a person indicates
that their heart is tender and understanding. Sweetness probably also indicates that a person has
been and is forgiving. This is because it is usually the unforgiving and the vengeful that have a chip
on their shoulder and carry an edge about them that can be sharp and hurtful. They are hardened
by life's difficulties. Sweetness is cultivated by choosing to love in the midst of a harsh and
many times hateful world.
Jennifer's sweet personality has effected everyone to increased kindness.
by stekar February 11, 2014
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A person who enjoys eating dessert or sweet treats, more than the average amount; he or she has to order dessert after every meal; if offered a dessert or sweet, he or she will enthusiastically accept
Cody isn't a sweets person, he didn't eat any of the cookies I made for him.
by lowbow October 17, 2013
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