Derived from the word decent, dec is another word for awesome. You can add prefixes and sufixes to dec to make it mean better or worse than it is. Dec as hell!!= really fucking awesome. Pretty dec=not to bad.
Your pretty dec at basketball, or katie is dec as hell.
by E-rock April 14, 2005
Derived from the word decent. shortened to save time and energy. basically: cool, awesome, or decent. started by tim n. of jones college prep
Dec! She's dec, but her friend's ridiculous.
by Tom Kas May 9, 2006
"dec" has yet another meaning, "don't even care".

This is an offshoot of dek, "don't even know", which is itself an offshoot of idk, and a cousin to idc.

It can be used in many of the same ways as dek, but for certain reasons (they sound the same when spoken), it isn't a good idea to use it as a single word when speaking.
Not dek, dec! D-E-C. I said I D-E-C.
by LovetteCher December 27, 2011
digital equipment corporation a defunct builder of mid size computers.
Itsi bitsi machine corp was to big for dec and pc's were too small.
can you say did anything good ever come out of Massa-too-shits ???? Boston market another defunct copany, even New Jersey burds wont go Massa-too-shits...
And the BIG DIG suckin money from American tax payer!!! What about that TEA party, was that any good???
by itichie_nocanpo October 22, 2006
`who is funnier, ant or dec'
`obviolusly dec'
by burngun48 January 3, 2005
Decatur, il... home to drug trafficking between stl and chicago, and lots of gang violence.
Let's to the traphouse in the dec.
by ECan86 December 15, 2008