An adjective used to describe something to the extreme, usually used with sleep deprivation.
Man, I'm dead-dog tired. See ya tomorrow, dude.
by Fadre October 24, 2008
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swear on your dead homeys, shortened to "on dogs" which is has more recently become simply "dogs" depending on your level of hoodness, can also be said when your really serious about something "on deadest dogs". some ppl prefer on g's
on dead dogs I aint do that to that girl

on deadest dogs i didn't take you money

dogs i aint say that to him
by rahema October 14, 2007
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Where if a person says “on dead dogs” this means they put that on their dead “homies” grave.Therefore, if they lie when they say this it will be 6 punches to their chest
by Real Smart Kid September 18, 2018
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A dead dog that is not alive.
A dog that is dead is a dead dog.
by The Doctor December 24, 2004
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A canine that is not alive. Not a "dead dog that is not alive."
Joe: "That's a dead dog;"
Frank: "You mean its not alive????"
Joe: "Yeah...."
by GShrew December 14, 2005
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a dog who has its organs on the ground u will throw up if u see a dead dog so dont eat dog your a asian
my dead dog is stupid
by jacob the cool kid ;) April 18, 2019
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When you release a rancid fart and walk away; the stench follows you like walking a dog. A dead dog.
"My god, it smells dangerous over there"
"Hehe yeah, Matt was just walking the dead dog."
by Fugazziboi September 10, 2014
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