to repeatedly have the same argument over and over again. used in place of the out of date phrase "beating a dead horse"

origin - Sex columnist Dan Savage regularly blogs his opinion that 'all pit bulls should be boiled alive and fed to their idiot owners'. These posts regularly incite repetitive arguments among commenters.
"Oh man, Max and Martha are having their honeycrisp versus fuji argument again. Those two really know how to boil a dead dog."
by painausten February 21, 2008
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1.a dog that's lost it's zest for life
2.a neutered dog
3.a former casanova who can no longer get any women.
John: Tim used to get all the girls, but he cant seem to get any these days.

Jerry: Yea, Tim's a Mu'fuggin Dead Dog man
by scribblemefree April 03, 2009
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standing up a mail box jut to watch the wind push it over again, thats like fucking a dead dog
by the Dame Duck May 13, 2009
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So tired that when one needs to get up in the middle of the night to pee, they heroically fight the urge until normal wake-up time.
Opi was so dead-dog tired, he stayed in bed and found a way to sleep, even though his pecker told him he needed to pee.
by Chili2 July 04, 2019
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