49 definitions by The Doctor

Performing fellatio or having it performed by relaxing the back of the throat, eliminating the gag reflex, to allow deeper penetration of the penis.
My girlfriend enjoys the power she feels in making me climax by deep throating.
by The Doctor September 28, 2004
A racist (pejorative) word for black people. Every bit as offensive as "nigger."
After calling that black dude a "shine," I think he's going to have to go back to Alabama to pick up the remainder of his teeth.
by The Doctor November 7, 2004
The male act of tucking a penis behind his legs just below his ass. Often used by transvestite males to hide penis.
Watch out, that dude's no chick. He's just got a nasty tuck under and some nice fake tits.
by The Doctor February 14, 2005
Name of one of the most brilliant men of the 20th century, used ironically to express the opposite of intelligence.
You can't tie your shoelaces and chew gum at the same time, can you, Einstein?
by The Doctor February 19, 2005
Supposedly a party where girls wearing different colored lipstick all have oral sex with one or more guys, leaving the guys with a "rainbow" colored penis. Some people appear to believe that it's just an urban legend.
"I felt left out because I only had six different colors of lipstick on my dick when I left the party."
by The Doctor January 17, 2005
A slithering human who causes trouble and annoyance eg. Nic wells
by The Doctor May 14, 2012
Saraq a unique, gorgeous way to spell the pretty, but common name Sara or Sarah. The 'Q' is silent. It's also the correct way to spell such a name.
"Hi I'm Saraq"

"That's pretty! How do you spell that?"

"The correct way."
by The Doctor February 17, 2013