When your so depressed you dont care about anything anymore and become dead on the inside thus dead inside, its pretty much another way of saying clinical depression
No longer care about people or yourself ..(dead inside)
by Mr Sparda February 19, 2007
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A track from Muse's seventh studio album Drones.
Person 1: "Did you hear Muse's latest album Drones?"
Person 2: "Yeah! My favourites are Mercy and Dead Inside!"
by oli davis August 09, 2018
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Dead inside is the state of when one can't be bothered getting out of bed or even turning on their phone
Guy: yo what's up
Thomas Twaits: stop I'm dead inside
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by Gwhwuy July 31, 2017
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When a person's fart is so deadly that you have to stick your head out the window to breathe and you say to them you are dead inside!
by scrumjus1 September 04, 2010
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