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david raymond miller is the American born mayor of toronto, the biggest city in Canada. He's known to be a hypocrite for efforts to slash police funding while campaigning on a law and order platform. His communist hoplophobic views are apparent in his repeated calls for handgun bans. His insanity prevents him from realizing that previous repeated banning of inanimate objects fail to prevent them from being used by criminals.
If david miller thinks banning handguns will prevent criminals from using them, he must believe there is no narcotics problem in toronto. Narcotics have been banned for decades, yet criminals traffic them like they were going out of style.

david miller claims half of all guns used in toronto crimes originated from the US, but can't provide proof of this claim. Police admit they can't trace the origins of 60% of these guns. Does david's insanity come with clairvoyance?
by Eddy January 16, 2008
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The (luckily) soon to be former Mayor of Toronto. A native of San Francisco, famous nationwide for his unbelievable stupidity and hypocrisy.

Mr. Miller perpertually works under the delusion that his city has unlimited cash flow and that everytime his greenback stack gets slack, the provincial and federal should cough up more. Never mind every other city in the country that needs funding, Toronto's the only one that really matters.

-Has helped to instigate an unbelievably stinky and messy garbage strike, along with a transit strike.

-Failed to attend the funeral of a firefighter killed during the Downsview propane explosion because he was in Vancouver celebrating his daughter's thirteenth birthday. Yet amazingly, councillor Maria Augemarie was able to cut short her vacation in Italy to come and offer help and support to her constituents.

-Could not be present for the aforementioned disaster, yet has no problem marching in every single 'Pride' event the city holds.
-There is much, much more this man is guilty of, suffice to say he has helped to bring the City of Toronto even further down than it was before.
David Miller should have stayed in San Francisco where he belongs.
by malton_on_99 April 16, 2010
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