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Refers to a certain geometry teacher whom shall not be named who is very well known for his extreme hypocrisies. Such as telling everyone in the class that he will give out extra credit for doing a certain assignment, then giving zero extra credit to anyone.

Another example of his hypocrisies is telling everyone to "Be nice!" If he hears somebody use profane language, even though he tells people to "fuck off" all the time, and yell "fukin hell" when he is embarrassed over anything.
STUDENT: "This problem is too fuckin hard"
while also,

STUDENT: "is this photo we found on facebook of you?"
MR. MILLER: "Mate fuck off"
by SF Boi May 29, 2018
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A tough, strict, guy. Doesn't take your crap and is never happy with you. Rumor has it he used to be in the Marines.
Dang, Mr. Miller is intense
by nonanomalous January 10, 2018
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(n.) One who believes, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are of Mexican descent.

(v.) To add a strong political slant or bias to the presentation of a topic.

The term is believed to originate during the Mexican-American war, when one of the american generals, named Miller, defected to the mexican side. It is rumored that he was later killed in combat.
(n.) Severin: "(Mexican accent) I love going to fiestas in El Salvador!"
Xander: "Hey Severin, stop acting like such a Mr. Miller!"

(v.) Miles: "Could you believe that math class! Andy added such an incredible bias to those cosines... he must really hate tangents!"
Shelly: "Yeah! He really Mr. Millered that one!"
by David Arselanean May 14, 2007
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Likes feet and traded a respectable teaching job to a lawsuit and possibly jail time to see dem feet.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Mr. Miller, there's this problem with my car, do you mind taking your shoes and socks off to FEEEEEL THE VIBRAAATION while I masturbate next to you, thanks."
by PickleRickle October 11, 2018
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Mr. Miller is by far the worst fucking Global 10R teacher out there. Every BDF day I wake up in fear of being in his class. Just the stench of pure pepper haunts him as he walks past me. His stupid ass is probably a gay virgin who married and adopted a child to fit in but secretly is having an affair with his neighbor
Mr. Miller is a stupid faggot and deserves to die - Jake
by M3RKV01T May 27, 2018
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Stirring Shit between a group of people and being an all-round jackass.
"Stop being a Mr Miller and Stirring Shit between us"
by MoeLeicester November 09, 2014
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An old, hunch backed man who has grey hair that is hardly there.
A Mr miller walks around, and seems to have no emotion.

A Mr Miller's theme tune is called 'Hey, Mr Miller!'
This term can be used to describe someone who actually is called Mr miller, and someone who fits the description.
'Woah, look, it's Mr miller!'
'That guy over there that we never met is Mr miller'
'Haha! It's a Mr miller!'
by SolgaleoGaming (Youtube) May 04, 2017
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